Published: October 12, 2017

Inner Light

In any person in a complete form, there is own road, their mental paradise and hell, their knowledge and achievements. This is in the not conscious layers of psyche. Because of this, self-development turns into self-knowledge. A person does not create new achievements, but simply allows its capabilities to open more and more. Also, the excitement of a person is only his excitement, and not external events and things. A person only frees his way from the inside. And here it should be sorted out and understand why some people don’t like people, but the second on the contrary – he really likes him.
Created already articles in which love was called their inner appearance in love – a peculiar inner highlight, which he projects on another person. This highlight can sink due to various fears, and in certain cases it can quickly flared up, adding passionism and activity, as if this moment is very important, very important. And this is the truth so. There is an extremely interesting thing – the viewer of His human life awakens in man, the most mental “creature”, thanks to which a person feels alive. The awakening of this being is the main goal of spiritual seekers who meditate for years just so that it would wake up their mind and awaken this inviantly creature.
But the person, always prone to self-deception and mental tuning, the mistake takes his own internal glow for external, and begins to think that he appears from those who surrounding people and things. Thus, a person appears favorite things and people.
The glow of the psychic raisin is, without exaglement – the light of the inner life of a person. This is a sense of life in which all cases occur.
Usually a person can state the appearance of such light at the stage of rapid human awareness. The speed of awareness of vitality here and is now associated with the level of blocking the mental raisin. She in the human psyche is already in the whole specimen, but stops his candle by those unrest, which in everyday life a person refuses to accept. This is usually conflicting and painful excitement. And when the inner glow shines brighter, together with the light, the “forgotten experience” comes out, through which the light of the raisin must pass. Because of this, the road to self-knowledge is not easy, associated with the inevitable cleaning of consciousness from the garbage of the internal unrest.
Probably, the reader guessed that he was meant by the word – love. True love is a pure perception, contemplative awareness, easily transmitting all sensations through itself. The psychic raisin is the “zone” of perceptions deeply “inside” the human psychological environment. I trade etf with this brokers



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