Published: October 12, 2017

Key skills on a barista resume

When preparing your resume for a barista position, you should note your experience in the service, catering, or restaurant industry, emphasizing the level of facilities and your qualifications. It is important to specify personal qualities that confirm the professional suitability for the declared position.

Barista Requirements

Requirements for staff vary depending on the level of the establishment. There are, however, some common things without which a barista job is not possible.

  • General secondary education and special courses, ideally – higher education in the direction.
  • Knowledge of the basic rules of cooking and serving cocktails, alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.
  • Communicability and affability. The barista can’t do without the ability to communicate politely with customers, while respecting the common rules of etiquette.
  • An attractive and neat appearance. This is an important criterion in shaping the visitors’ overall impression of the institution as a whole and of the staff in particular.
  • Ability to carry out orders quickly and responsibly.
  • Punctuality and accuracy. Barista work does not tolerate mistakes.
  • Consistency and patience. Fidgeting in actions is unacceptable.

Barista duties

  • Preparation of the bar for receiving visitors, keeping the bar and equipment clean and tidy during the day, as well as cleaning at the end of shift.
  • Helping bar patrons to choose drinks and snacks from a variety of menus.
  • Dispensing of products as ordered.
  • Additional information about the applicant

Tell us in Resume Example for Barista any accomplishments you have had in your work, even if not directly related to your chosen profession. Versatile individuals attract many employers.

Make it easy to present your positive qualities and relate them truthfully. Don’t forget that in addition to your resume, there will be a face-to-face interaction with the employer in which fictitious details about your background can come out and ruin your credibility forever.



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