Published: October 12, 2017

Getting Your Radio Heard Worldwide Using Instagram

It has been repeatedly stated and proven that Instagram is the social media of the decade. The only reason it so easily leaped across Facebook and other social media platforms to become the best is the ability of Instagram to adapt to new changes in the world and a completely modern userbase that supports the same. Instagram is a social media platform that ascertains the communication of each and every information coming from any entity from any part of the world. Instagram is known worldwide for inventing the role of likes and putting it on the front of the ranking there – they literally started the world’s crazy hunt for likes and made such dealers of likes as popular worldwide. The platform is updated every once in a while, with new features to appease its audience, keep them intrigued and also bring in a new opportunity for a new entity with every update.

The IGTV feature of Instagram

The IGTV feature of Instagram brought in more enthusiasm amongst the people than anticipated. The IGTV feature essentially aims at the concept of television in Instagram i.e., it now allows people to post videos on Instagram as a series much similar to how a person watches a channel on television or the platform of YouTube. Through this feature, it is possible for radio channels to upload their shows as a podcast. A podcast is the uploading of audio or video files as a series that is made available to the public for viewing through downloading or mobile services. When a Radio Channel uploads their show as a podcast on IGTV, they get an opportunity to endorse it all around the world.

Advantages of IGTV for the Radio community

The advantages of uploading the radio podcast on Instagram are innumerable:

  • The Radio can only be heard locally but with IGTV, the radio can be heard not just nationally, but anywhere around the world.



  • The podcasts can be endorsed through the promotion feature of Instagram. This way the audience of the show can be manipulated which would otherwise not be possible in the traditional radio sources.


  • The viewership can be better controlled if the podcast is on Instagram. In the traditional Radio format, people may only listen to the radio according to their whims and fancies. However, by altering the content as per the consumers’ likes and dislikes which are based on data depicted by Instagram it is easier for a radio podcast to gain popularity.


  • The radio can also manipulate the likability and popularity of the podcast by buying Instagram likes.

How does buying Instagram likes affect the Radio?

If a Radio channel tends to buy Instagram likes, it depicts the popularity of the radio show and thus increased the viewership of the podcasts. This increased viewership comes only after the post becomes popular according to the Instagram algorithm. This job is done by the Instagram Likes bought by the channel. The last thing for a radio station to be sure of is they are going to buy only the genuine Instagram likes from real persons, the same with what’s provided by Buyiglikesfast on their website mentioned above. Otherwise, the result is not worth the effort.
Therefore, Instagram has not only provided an international platform to the local radios for them to be heard but also facilitated audience manipulation through its modern and compatible features.



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