Published: October 12, 2017

Cv editing service

Finding a job is not an easy task, especially when it comes to your first job. How to make sure that your resume attracts the employer’s attention when there is no work experience yet, and the emblem on your diploma is not Harvard? Initially prepare your CV! This may not be the key to success, but it will set you apart from others. We did a little research and compiled a list of free and most convenient cv editing service for creating striking and atypical resumes.


The perfect resource to bring your visual ideas to life. You have the opportunity to use ready-made templates or create a resume from scratch. You can use individual elements and change them to your liking.


An easy-to-use cv editing service that gives you access to dozens of templates. Its peculiarity is that it is possible to consult with the site editors. They will correct grammatical errors and check the word order and readability of your text in general.


The service helps to display career achievements visually. With a clear interface, it will take you minutes to create infographics. This program will appeal to lovers of “classics” since there is a minimum of pictures/icons but a maximum of information.


It is mainly aimed at those who are looking for a job for the first time. The service allows you to talk about your skills in the form of a collage that can always be updated. There is a function to create your page, where you can publish letters and certificates of completion of online courses, photos, examples of work, and the like.


An excellent template-based resume builder that tells your career path as if it were a life story. Through a range of features, you will have the opportunity to showcase your creativity and prove that you are the ideal candidate for the position. By the way, you can add a QRP code to your resume.


The site can design a resume by choosing a template from a collection of updated continuously. You can even make it interactive! To create an attractive CV, just upload information about yourself, and the program will do everything for you. A convenient feature of this resource is integration with social media profiles.

This online cv editing service creates cv and visualizing your career achievements with graphic elements. It will be especially convenient for those who have a LinkedIn profile because the data will be automatically duplicated on this site. Despite a large number of templates, there are many options to change, so your resume will be personal. The main focus is on work experience. You can also note preferences, favorite quotes, and the like.

Visualize Me

The program works online. It will help turn your resume into an infographic. The resource offers templates, as well as the ability to sync career data from your LinkedIn profile. So, the site itself will collect all the necessary information and arrange it as an infographic.


Original templates will help you quickly create a resume that stands out from others. This service will help you develop your website to post the necessary information. However, you can save the generated files in PDF format.


Online resumes and infographics are a great addition to the classic resume format that employers often want to see. 

There are six free templates on the CVmaker website. The created document can be saved in three formats: PDF, HTML, and text.



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