Published: October 12, 2017

3D printing in cosplay

Cosplay on a 3D printer

In this age of innovative technology and ubiquitous mass media, you have probably heard at least once about cosplay. Perhaps you have even heard about the role of 3D printing in this interesting endeavor. The purpose of today’s article is to better acquaint you with such an interesting technique of 3D technology application as 3D printing cosplay. So, what is this beast and what does it do?

3d printed props, or to be more precise, cosplay using a 3D printer, has already gained some popularity in the West, while in our country it is only gaining momentum. The essence of this approach is to produce all the necessary props not by hand (which is often very problematic), but with the help of 3D modeling software and, actually, a device for 3D printing. This saves a lot of time and greatly expands the possibilities for the cosplay enthusiast.

3D printing in cosplay what are the advantages

As mentioned above, 3D printer cosplay is a way to significantly speed up (and sometimes just start) the design and production of custom props. We say individual, because modern 3D technology does allow you to create products tailored to a specific user. It is enough to take into account your own parameters and take time to develop a suitable 3D model. For greater accuracy, 3D scanning can be used.

And if you doubt your abilities as a 3D artist, you can order the execution of a 3D model from specialists. Let’s list the available advantages:

  • Speed. You spend time only on the development of the 3D model and post-processing of printed elements of props. No laborious fitting “for yourself”, time-consuming search of material or difficulties in the process;
  • Versatility. Do you have a non-standard figure? Or unconventional tastes in cosplay? Or maybe a rich imagination? Doesn’t matter! 3D printing suits everyone and allows you to create products of almost any shape and size;
  • Great choice of materials. The modern market of materials for 3D printing abounds with various kinds of 3D plastics and photopolymers. You can easily make flexible/transparent/fluorescent and other elements for your props.

And most importantly, with a responsible approach to the post-processing of the finished product you will get a high-quality, bright and exclusive props!

Order 3D printing for cosplay

Our company is engaged both in 3D modeling and 3D scanning, as well as provides 3D printing services. With us your project will be implemented from scratch – from the concept stage to a finished product printed on a 3D printer. We accept orders of any complexity from all over the country and have a wide range of equipment and materials for 3D printing. If you have any questions please contact us by email or phone listed in the contact us section. We will be glad to cooperate!



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